30 years dedicated to training endorse our experience

training in the presente for the excellence of professionals in the future

The Centro de Formación de la Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spanish Railway Foundation Training Center) has 30 years of experience in diffusion and transmission of ground transportation. Since 1986, it has provided a wide range of courses and seminars with cooperation from organized congresses and expositions that has resulted in revolutionizing the industry into a center of national and international reference in transports educational issues.

Our training system is self-organized, customizable, and actively works in collaboration with some other entities to perform the following task: Organizing the program, selecting the best professionals in each topic, and supervising the students results. All with the goal of improving qualification of those professionals working in ground transportation sector.

The Centro de Formación del Transporte Terrestre FFE (Ground Transportation Training Center), offers training ranging from presential, to telepresential and online modality.

We have a wide range of courses that can be given onsite or online, in English, French (or other languages if there is enough demand and a sufficient number of students). We can design and provide you with a course tailored to the training needs of your company. For more information


Onsite training

Microcourses: short onsite courses (6 hours). Offering a specific syllabus specialising in transport: technical and economic operation, legislation, management, international rail, etc, but also cross-disciplinary subjects: management skills, team management, marketing...
Training aimed at:

  • Professionals linked to the land transport sector (especially the railway): to meet specific training needs.
  • University students: to supplement their trainingwith subjects not taught in formal education.

Activity carried out since March 2011. More than 100 microcourses have been given to date in which more than 850 students from around 100 different companies have participated.


Online training

Based on the use of new technologies adapted to learning processes. It arose in order to meet the training needs of transport professionals, allowing them the possibility of learning from any location, without timetable or travel problem. Specific and specialized syllabuses are offered, with the continued support of tutors and teachers, in a context of international learning and the opportunity to participate in networks and forums with other professionals.

Activity carried out since March 2013. Short and long courses offered that are permanently open for enrolment.


b-learning training

This is the form currently used for:

  • General Land Transport Course (35 ECTS) - UNED

Postgraduate course with University Specialist Diploma in Land Transport.

It has been given annually since 1987. It is a well-established course amongst the academic offer for university postgraduates. It includes a multidisciplinary training syllabus that covers, interrelates and provides comprehensive training in different areas of the land transport sector, aiming to meet the training needs of transport professionals and providing specialized training to university graduates.

It is offered in two training modes: B-learning (semi-onsite) and e-learning. Using the most innovative learning systems and methodologies adapted to each type of training, and also offering the advantages of each training mode depending on the needs of the participants.

The 2017 edition will be held from 16 January to 31 October. The complete course comprises a total of 30 ECTS distributed into 5 subjects or university courses and an expert end of course assignment, also offering the possibility of partial enrolment in subjects throughout the period of the course.

More than 1.100 students have participated in the course, of which 220 have come from different Latin American countries.